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This real estate valuation software not only performs comprehensive real estate income analysis, but adds the finishing touch with its presentation quality reports. They are clear, consise, and understandable. In a word - Impressive. One new feature that has been recently added is the ability to automatically generate an entire Income Approach narrative almost instantly.

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The above are examples of more than 30 comprehensive reports that are available
Proof of Yield Report  - Real Estate Valuation Software

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Proof of Yield Report

The net present value calculation performed in this report is offered as a check upon the calculations that were performed in the Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Report. Using the same cash flows that were presented in the DCF analysis, the net present value of the investment should approach zero.

Numerous checks are offered in our software products to insure that data entry is consistent and that mathematical calculations are correct. This report is an example.

Note that the analysis period in this example is 7 years. Holding Periods of up to 50 years are possible with all of our products.

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