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Commercial Complete brings it all together in one great package
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Commercial Complete Continuity - Can you Rely Upon It?

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All functionality is completely integrated in a single Stand-alone Software Product!
No MS Office! No Links! No Macros! No Spreadsheets!
One screen, not 100 spreadsheet tabs
But if you do have your own Excel spreadsheets,
Commercial Complete can link to them seamlessly

From Miriam-Webster's Online Dictionary
Complete: "having all necessary parts, elements, or steps, highly proficient, thorough, total
Client Reactions: "Amazing", "Outrageous", "Brilliant", "Really, Really Cool"

New and Different
Commercial Complete is a new standalone software product that is designed to work the way that you work. It is designed to meet the rigorous demands that commercial appraisers face today.

Appraisers know how difficult it is to automate the many parts of the commercial appraisal process; gathering data, keeping track of your research, getting images to the proper location on your computer, writing and editing the narrative, inserting exhibits, documenting your workfile. Should we mention the most important part, which is getting the value and documenting how you got it?

Comprehensive, Yet Designed for Ease of Use
Commercial Complete has taken a giant step ahead as a true solution for real estate professionals. Everything is integrated and dedicated to making your job easier; photo editing, screen capture, direct uploads from your digital camera, automated narrative assembly and direct linking to mapping and census data.

But most important, Commercial Complete brings to you the same comprehensive analysis capabilities that commercial appraisers have relied upon for years. Income analysis that is detailed, accurate, and well documented. Comparison analysis that enables you to easily compare sold properties, make adjustments, and document your conclusions with well designed reports. Cost analysis is included to provide additional support for your conclusions.

Our clients use Commercial Complete daily to gather information, perform analyses, research comps, edit photos, and assemble narrative documents. It is not a product that you will buy and then never use.
Word Processing that Brings It All Together
Commercial Complete has its own built-in word processor that is designed specifically to make a real estate professional's job easier. Property information and reports can be inserted directly from the built-in database. Automated narratives are easy to design and use. Images can be easily inserted and edited using our built-in image processor. Full narrative appraisals, broker opinions, listing presentations and more can be assembled in minutes. A PDF can be created with the click of a button.

If you want to take the pressure off, this is how to do it.
Works just like Word for me, but it is designed for real estate professionals.
Reliable, Real Software
Until now there has been no reliable way to automate the commercial appraisal process. Of course there are many individual tools that do assist. MS Office helps a lot with its word processing and spreadsheet modules. If you know how to create links and macros - better yet.

A few appraisers have even done so well at assembling MS Office templates for their own office that they now sell the templates as a software product. Our hats go off to them. But frankly, MS Office is not up to this kind of a job. Too many components, updates, modifications, and work-arounds. Simply put - too complicated. A package of templates is NOT the same as a real, standalone software product that is designed specifically to assist in every aspect of the appraisal process. There is just no comparison. And there are no spreadsheets, no links, no macros, and no MS Office.

Call Us for a Personal Demonstration
We invite you to explore the many benefits of Commercial Complete. Call us at 800-884-1630 and we will lead you through a personal demonstration.

Take a look at the Demo. You will see the difference immediately.
Seeing is believing!

If you are too busy to look at Commercial Complete, you NEED Commercial Complete. Think about it.

Start TODAY! Your next appraisal can go out using CC. We will make sure that it does.

Recent Testimonial - 4-30-2015
I would like to say a few words on behalf of Commercial Complete. I have had this program for about a year. I am very pleased at how easy it is to use and how it has changed our commercial business for the better. Our reports look more professional, are easy to understand and are easy to deliver. I can truly say to any commercial appraiser out there - this is the best tool on the market for completing commercial reports. My Staff and I are proud to recommend this product to anyone.

I am also on the Mass Licensing board and have seen may formats out there in regards to commercial reports. This report stands with the most professional I have seen. Commercial Complete really does it all.

Thank you.

Dario M. Mercadante
Mass state Certified General Appraiser
Owner: The Commonwealth Appraisal Co.
1111 Elm St. Ste. 25
West Springfield, MA. 01089

Spontaneous Email titled
"CC - you gotta love IT" 12-11-2014

I'm sending smiles from miles away.  Just can't believe how easy it is to build a "custom" report with CC.  I just finished two ground lease reports for a bank client's trust department.  The Scope of Work had some interesting characteristics required in reporting.  It' s like driving a fine tuned 1,000 hp Corvette instead of a Flathead Ford (as compared to my days before CC ).  You gotta love it.

Follow-up email
Please post. It is important to me that you know how much we enjoy work again because of what you have created, but I would like others to know as well.


CEO - Senior Appraiser
Certified Commercial Appraisers
Washington & Idaho

Recent Testimonial - 10-10-2014

Just finished my 10th appraisal in Commercial Complete, and it has completely changed my life. After 40 years as a broker/appraiser, and 22 years as a General Appraiser, this is the best, most complete program. No more procrastination, and it is the most professional presentation I have ever done. Love the extra comps, and the adjustment Grid, fast and accurate and great flexibility,  no more worries about losing all the information. Great Program, and thanks for the continued support.

Tom Walsh, General Appraiser. Scranton, Pa.

Recent Testimonial - 7/18/2014

The Commercial Complete name says it all, it is all that and much more.

I have not found any better software. I tried and bought software from several companies over the years that incorporate data from Microsoft Excel into a Word document. I thought that I saved time, but over time I became frustrated with macros that do not load properly, tabs that overtook my excel page, and promised speed that is offset by software frustration. 

Commercial Complete eliminates this by being all-inclusive and provides almost everything one needs to complete a report. It has its own comparable database, user friendly data entry screens, income program that surpasses some of the best known in the commercial lending field, and its very own narrative software. 

No longer will you hear that this is a problem we havenít yet solved due to what Microsoft has updated.

Commercial Complete has it all, and most important it is one of the easiest software to learn and use. I know once you try it you will find no better program out there.  

Sal Mazzella
Commercial real estate appraiser in NY

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The Efficient Way to Complete an Appraisal
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The Old-fashioned Way
C'mon! Still using manila folders and spreadsheet programs?
C'mon. Still using manila folders and spreadsheet programs? And what about all of these other programs that you will need?

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All of the above in one powerful standalone program!

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