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This real estate valuation software not only performs comprehensive real estate income analysis, but adds the finishing touch with its presentation quality reports. They are clear, consise, and understandable. In a word - Impressive. One new feature that has been recently added is the ability to automatically generate an entire Income Approach narrative almost instantly.

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Multi-year Income Statement

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The above are examples of more than 30 comprehensive reports that are available
Income Schedule - Real Estate Valuation Software

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Income Schedule

This report is one of four income schedules that Investment Analyst can print. Income schedules available are:

Stabilized Income Schedule
First Year Income Schedule
Terminal Year Income Schedule
Multi-year Income Schedule

Many optional items can be added to each Analyst report, including a header, footer and date/time stamp. Report titles can be modified. Variables can be inserted onto a report to further customize it. For example, you might want to insert the IRR at the top of a particular set of reports. The IRR is one of more than forty variables that may be used in any combination on any report. These variables include Indicated Value, Gross Income, Expenses, Net Income, Analysis Date, etc.

The Custom Report Control (CRC) option makes this possible. It is a really powerful tool. Each report has its own text window where you can enter text to be printed on the report, or enter notes documenting your methods that do not print. Perhaps most powerful of all is the ability to insert command variables that will print along with the standard report format.

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