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What our clients say

Our products are used by clients in all fifty states and several foreign countries. Members of all major appraisal organizations use our products. So do assessors, review appraisers, government agencies (federal, state and local), financial institutions, CPAs, insurance companies, real estate agents, developers and investors.

Over the years, we have received compliments for just about every aspect of Investment Analyst; from its ease of use, to its speed, to its comprehensiveness. But by far, the most compliments result from the reports. They are clean, easy to explain, and easy to understand. And they can be easily incorporated into your final narrative.

Clear, concise, meaningful reports that document everything.
Ready to print when you are.

Here is what our clients have to say about Investment Analyst.

Investment Analyst

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Why our clients say what they do

No learning curve here. ANALYST has complete help screens for each field and an excellent manual. But the user interfaces are so smooth and self-explanatory that help screens and manual are almost redundant. If you know real estate you will know how to use our products. We have reduced the data entry requirements and complicated formulas needed to complete an income analysis to their essence. Mathematicians call it an elegant solution - a simple, intuitive method to solve a complex problem.
Most of our users just call it SLICK.

Today's computers are so fast that calculating numbers is immediate. What is most important, though, is how fast you get your work done. In 15 minutes with ANALYST you can get the Value, print letter quality reports, modify the numbers, print again; and do it again. Really! ANALYST makes the complicated tasks easy. Prorating leases, calculating expense stops and leasing commissions. It won't take you two hours or two days to do an income analysis and more hours to format and print the reports.

REMEMBER: Time is money.

Spreadsheets dramatically changed the way we work and what our clients expect of us. The 12C gave us raw calculating power. However, both are hard to master. Both require constant use to maintain proficiency. Neither provides much in the way of printing capabilities. Neither provides internal checks that verify your calculations. Our products are generations ahead -- the difference between a Model T and a Boeing 747. Other income analysis software focuses on the data, not the analysis. Data is certainly important; but values based upon that data are only as good as the analysis methods applied. A simple discounting of net income is insufficient and possibly incorrect.
When it comes to Income Analysis, there is no comparison.


Discounting cash flows to present value is a widely accepted method of determining the value of an Investment Property. Once the cash flows are determined, it is relatively easy to do the calculations. The difficulty is in the detail. If you use a spreadsheet or complicated lease by lease program, it is difficult to enter and later verify income, expense, closing costs, etc. You will not be sure that you have the correct cash flows or value. And you will not be able to explain your results.
Our products simplify data entry and produce concise reports.


Computers are great number crunchers. We take all of our calculations out six places. But that is not the critical measure of accuracy. Our products use three methods to check the numbers: an advanced derivative of the Ellwood method; calculation of the IRR; and calculation of the Net Present Value. Ever wondered if your calculations were correct, or if the right number was used in year 4? Worry no more.

Three independent checks. Like three experts re-calculating the numbers. That is accuracy. The way it should be done.


Getting accurate numbers quickly and easily is not enough. The results must be documented. You cannot do that with a 12C. Spreadsheets never seem to print correctly without adjustment. And because each analysis is different, you make a lot of adjustments. Our superb reports can be inserted directly into a narrative appraisal or filed to clearly document your calculations. No adjustments each time you print; no re-typing; no fooling around.


January 4, 2001
I have to write to tell you that your "Professional" program has assisted me in streamlining my commercial appraisal business to a great degree. The analysis of a commercial income property is quick and straight forward, just the way most users of appraisals wish the reports to be, summarized and easily understood.

I am also able to "ballpark" an income property with limited information, while on the phone with a client, to ascertain whether ornot the caller is way out of line, whether or not we may be able to help someone with a project.

Your software has become an integral part of my business over the past 5 years or so.  The times I wish to get very detailed in my analysis, your customer service has been VERY responsive with help!  And in every circumstance, I've come away from conversations with your people being totally satisfied with the results.  You are highly recommended in my company.


Kent Vollmer
Las Vegas, NV

West Virginia
December 15, 2000
We have used the software on hundreds of commercial appraisals ranging from small neighborhood convenience/grocery stores to regional malls, shopping centers, hotels and office buildings...The purpose of this letter is to let you know unequivocally that your software has been a major contribution to our commerical appraisals and has brought us an enormous amount of credibility and accuracy in determining value.

Jonathan P. Cavendish
President, Realcorp, Inc.

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U.S. Virgin Islands
June 21, 2001
We have used Financial Masterplan's software for over 8 years in our real estate  appraising and consulting business throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands and Caribbean.  Recently, we utilized the program for a real estate tax appeal appraisal which formed the basis of a suit in the U.S. District Court, resulting  in a settlement and a reassessment of all commercial properties in the jurisdiction.  The software is flexible, easy to use and has helped our firm to greatly expand our business and reputation.  Best of all is the personal support and advice that we have received over the years. They have always been willing to not only direct us as to how to utilize the software to it's fullest, but have served as intelligent and willing advisors as to how to solve unusual appraisal assignments. 

Thank you!
Sandpiper Appraisal Services
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


I have been a customer of Financial Masterplan, Inc. for approximately 6 years. I can safely say that the decision to purchase Investment Analyst has been one of the best I've made in my professional career.

I have utilized this product in hundreds of appraisals of commercial and income producing real estate. I perform appraisal and consultation work for several lending institutions, both large and small, attorneys, investors, public entities, corporations and individuals throughout the area.

The software has been extremely useful in all appraisal situations. Whether appraising a multi tenant office building or a small mom and pop retail facility, Investment Analyst has easily shown and utilized all potential income, expense and cash flows. It has also been very helpful when performing subdivision analysis due to the multi unit sales feature. I have also utilized the lease analysis feature of the product several times when appraising properties encumbered by leases and analyzing leased fee situations.

In the six years I have been in relationship with this company, there has not been one complaint or negative comment about this software. The support has also been excellent. I've found the company's knowledge of investor and lender requirements to be very helpful. By the way, the questions have been very few due to the ease of the operation of the product. Thanks to Financial Masterplan, Inc. for helping to bring my product up to the next level.

John L., Louisiana Appraiser


I just had to let you know how pleased I am (and also my clients) with your software. I regularly recommend this software to other appraisers and at area meetings. I will certainly continue to use it and recommend it. The user friendly screens and simplicity of use is just fantastic. The support provided by your company is very good and certainly amazing as far as most software support teams are concerned. Thanks so much for a wonderful program.
Dwain S., IFAS, SRA, Oklahoma Appraiser


Your Software has been an asset for my firm. Thank you for the professional print-outs. They have been a great tool for my clients.

Karen M., IFAS, Minnesota Appraiser

New York City

All of the other systems I have (Argus, Project, Office 2) are quite difficult to get to know. Your software is more comprehensive and much easier to use. Banks and other financial institutions should include Investment Analyst as the one to rely on when dealing with Cash-Flow Analysis situations.

Carlos C., BA, MIE, ASA, New York City Appraiser

New Jersey

Investment Analyst is still the best Income Analysis tool that I have seen. Not only do our appraisers use it, but the commercial loan specialists in our branches also use it for preliminary evaluations of commercial loan requests. Please let me know if I can be of service. I highly recommend your software. By the way, I like your saying "The Expert is in the Software." It is really true!

Richard D., Bank Vice President, New Jersey


"I just love your program. I think all MAI's and SRPA's should have it."

Steven B., SRPA, Pennsylvania.


Where have you been all of these years. Since I purchased Analyst last year I have come to use it on a regular basis. I cannot function without it.

Don P., Massachusetts appraiser

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